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Hey do you have a blog ? Are you a newbie  and searching  for how to get more visitors for your blog! If your answer is yes then this article will be helpful for you,in this post in going to discuss about blog submission techniques for TECHNORATI.
Before  starting let's know something about TECHNORATI, this will be more helpful to understand.

 TECHNORATI is a biggest blog directory in the internet and it can be more useful to get more visibility on search engine for a blog or website. After submitting a blog in the TECHNORATI will generate huge no of high quality  backlinks , if you are a blog author and want to increase your page visibility in various search engine then TECHNORATI is a good option.

Submission of blog in the blog directories are very simple but in the case of TECHNORATI it is little tough as TECHNORATI has been very popular in the crowd of blog directories and it has name and fame in blogosphere so it takes many steps for link submission.

Various newbie makes mistakes during submission of blog in the TECHNORATI they use common method to submit their blog , hey dude TECHNORATI is different from others and there is some step by step process to submit the blog on TECHNORATI, in this post in going to share step by step process to submit blog on TECHNORATI.

Step-1: First of all visit after then sign-up for TECHNORATI.

Step-2: Now go to profile setting and setup your profile.

Step-3: Now in the account section there is an option"Start a blog claim"
Click that option and put your blog link and submit.

Step-4: After submitting a blog link you will get a message from TECHNORATI saying like "we are reviewing your link" this may take 1-2 business days.

Step-5: After 1-2 days login to your TECHNORATI account and receive your claimed token ,this part of blog submission is very important and should be done carefully.

Step-6: The claimed token is look like this CPZFU9WZK55C this is a form of a code you will be asked to write a new blog post including that code on your blog post.

Step-7: After writing and publishing a  new blog post including you unique TECHNORATI code go to your TECHNORATI account and click to "verify claim token" button,after successful verification your site will be go for final review ,after successful reviewed site will be added  to the TECHNORATI directories.
So these are the main steps to submit your blog for TECHNORATI,you can submit more than one links.

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