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Hi guest are you thinking to do some extra SEO Optimization for your newly created blog? Are you thinking to make your blog more search engine friendly?
If yes then I have brought a new article for SEO Optimization of your blog for better search response.
Images are the best things to define your article more easily, a well prepared and well tagged image can describes your whole article, user get pleased when they find images within article.
If I say these images can be used for search engine optimization of your blog then what will  you do? Will you trust me?
 You will have to trust me.
An image can be a great source of relevant keywords if image is well optimized then it can generate a huge traffic for your blog,but how ???
You should know that search engines are not a human and they cannot know what are your images for? They cannot know which image is used under blog niche,and one thing always remember that a search engine  only can index your image if and only if it is well SEO optimized.
How to optimize an image
You will be happy to know an image seo optimization is very interesting and easy part of blogging. I will share some great ideas on how to optimize an image below.

Before uploading an image to your blog make sure that you have a well researched name for your image, you can use Google adwords keywords tool to get high quality keyword to rename your image.

Web links plays a great role on images ,if you are going to upload any image then check what is the link of your image currently, if you are using blogspot blog then you can easily find it out by clicking on image.
In the blogger blogspot blog you can easily find the image URL and replace it with your URL,this will help you on pointing your image to your blogpost,the URL is very important part of your image so try to put relevant keywords on your URL.

Image alt texts are those keywords which are used to define about your image these keywords help the search engines to know what are the images for!!
If you are using blogger blogspot then upload your image after then click on image this will open a list of some options below image ,now click on the properties and put your alt Texts on the given field. You can use Google adwords keyword tool to get high quality keywords. This is very easy and enjoying step for SEO optimization of website.

Size of image is also a part of SEO Optimization, if you have a image with greater size and resolutions then it will take more time to load your blog post, and this will affect your SEO.
So keep your images with proper size and resolutions, this will absolutely sharp the SEO of your blog.

It will be shocking to know that in 2013 Google will penalize such a site which have  over optimization , google is too strict for those sites which have unbalanced keywords or over Seo optimized keywords, so be careful make your blog seo optimization with a good keywords density.
These are the some ideas which can help to optimize an image for better search engine ranking, following these steps for seo optimization will improve your rank..if you have another then letus know via comments..

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