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Video is starting to be given priority in search results. Even when your blog posts can’t rank for your chosen keywords, your videos can. Therefore, video optimization for search can help you to get more search visibility and increase your traffic and overall page rank.
Optimizing videos for search takes a different approach than your content in order to be successful. Here are a few SEO optimization tips for how you can optimize your site for video to start getting more exposure for your brand:

Create Great Content
The first step to ranking high for any content you create is to make it great. When you have great content, you won’t have to do as much work to promote it. Word will soon spread as your followers share it on their own sites and social networks. Create videos that share useful information or that present a novel solution to a problem. Or share videos that are funny and interesting. The more unique and compelling your videos, the more page views they will get.

Use Keywords Appropriately
 A critical component of any SEO Optimization is your usage of keywords. Though you aren’t promoting content with your videos, there are still plenty of opportunities to use keywords. Choose a primary keyword and include it in your video title, description and tags. Then choose one or two secondary keywords and use those in your description and tags. This will be how users find you on YouTube (or Vimeo or another video service of your choosing), and it’s how search engines will find you.
Add a Date and Location
There are two things that Google will use to prioritize your content: Its freshness and its relevancy for local users. Therefore, if you add a date, you can show the search engine that your content is fresh and should be moved to the head of the line. (You can take it off once your video begins to age). If you add a location, your video will be prioritized for local users, helping you to gain ranking. These two elements can give your video a boost, helping it to draw in more traffic, especially at the beginning.

Embed the Video on Your Site
Get double the SEO boost by embedding the video on your site and writing a post around it. With the post, you can include more keywords to give Google a better idea of what your video is all about. By embedding it on your site, you get link juice for your site and your video, helping both to rank higher. Plus, you can use your blog to promote your video and your video to promote your blog, helping to bring more attention to both.

Submit a Video Sitemap
A sitemap is an important tool to help Google crawl and index your site more quickly. It is also a useful tool to help the search giant index your videos, helping them to rank more quickly. Submitting a sitemap is a relatively painless process, but it may bring big results. You can learn more about how to submit a video sitemap with these instructions from Google (Google Webmaster ).
SEO is an important way to promote your site. Make sure you are using SEO for every element of your site, including your videos. These tips can help you to rank your videos and your site more quickly, getting more exposure for your brand and more traffic for conversions.

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