SEO : What is Page rank & Alexa rank?

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Hello everyone do you know what is Page rank and Alexa rank ?.
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Many people think that Alexa rank and Page rank are same things, this is absolutely wrong thinking, lets know about this ..
If your website has page rank-1 and your competitor has page rank -8 then keep it in mind that you are in very poor conditions and you never can have rank above your competitor, there is no any possible way which can provide you better ranking than your competitor, But if you have page rank-5 and your competitor has page rank-7 then there is lots of chances to get better ranking than your competitor because there is small gap between your rank and your competitor's rank. This gap can be filled up with right strategies, SEO and PPC campaign,Blogs-SEO and website optimization.
As the search engine optimization is the best technique to improve page rank, so if you have right SEO strategy then you can optimize websites for better page rank.

Alexa ranking system is completely a different
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beast, in this system ranks are not given like google page ranking system but it is given on the basis of installed Alexa toolbars on user's browser. If your competitor has Alexa rank 500,000 and you have Alexa rank 12,00,000 then your site may be good than your competitor because Alexa ranks are given mainly on the basis of installed Alexa toolbars.

How to get good Google and Alexa rank
To get good google page rank it is important to have lots of backlinks to your site , google value those sites which has tons of backlinks ,
If you wanna get good page rank then it is important to create quality content , SEO optimized articles and good use of keywords.
In the case of backlinks, just make at least 10 comments everyday on high PR sites , it will be good to get high quality backlinks..

To get high rank on Alexa just signup for Alexa and go to dashboard and register for your site and create toolbars for your site and put it on your WebPages, say your visitors to install it on their browser, this will increase your Alexa ranks.
Besides it you can put the Alexa rank gadget on your webpage this gadget shows your current rank on Alexa, this gadget also works as affiliate banner when any user click on this gadget , he will be redirected to the Alexa and Alexa will increase your rank..

All of these are few tips for increase ranking if you have some exclusive then lets know via comments..

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