Blackhat SEO: Common mistakes which should be avoided for blogs

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Hey guys do you know some SEO techniques are known as Blackhat SEO. Many newbies
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uses these techniques to sharp their blogs SEO, these techniques can improve SEO but after google updates such websites or blogs has to face the problems for getting banned from search engines.These SEO techniques should not be used for blogs and websites, But how to know which method is good or not? So im giving some common techniques used by newbies , which should not be used for SEO..

- Duplicate contents
Search engines and people hate duplicate contents so always write fresh and quality contents on your blog post.

-Hiding Texts
Hidden text are the texts having same color as background, these text can cheat a reader but cannot cheat to the search engines. These texts will be too harmful for your blogs so keep awway from this technique.

-Reducing size of Texts
Some people try to put more keywords on their blogs even some of them has different meaning, some keywords do not match the topic of blog post but to keep maintain the post quality various blogger put such keywords in such a manners that only search engine can read such a keyword texts and give their post more value. This techniques is the worst technique for SEO, if you want good ranks for your blogs then immediately stop this method.

-Reducing the size of images
Many bloggers put very small images ( 1 x 1 pixel )  these images are not visible for naked eyes, but search engines can read these images and they do not give values for such a blog.

-Putting a list of keywords on the post
This is also an another type of SEO techniques in which blogger put a list of keywords and keyword phrases at the end of blog post, they choose 10-20 keywords and put them at the end of blogpost, search engines do not value for such a blog as for good ranking 3-4 good keywords are sufficient, more keywords dilute the power of keywords on the blog post.

-Getting backlinks from wrong neghibors
Backlinks are best meals for blog health but if this meals is brought from wrong place then it may cause bad health for blog, in the simple words if you are trying to getting links from those sites who do not match your blog niche then the links from such a sites are not valuable for your blog , search engines do not value for such a site.this technique is also under Blackhat SEO. Try to get links from good and matching sites.

At this time im stoppingmy words , in the next article I will come with some great and delicious SEO techniques, and tips. In this article I have shared some common mistakes of Blackhat SEO techniques which are generally done by newbies just stop these techniques and keep learning more about SEO and website optimization.   

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