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Hello guys, is your business brand new or wanna increase your sells?? It is very important to advertise your brand carefully, many people use printed media like newspapers, magazines for local advertisement, many of them use internet to advertise their brand. But how to advertise your business locally for free??
Today im going to share how to advertise your brand locally to increase your sells.

Get listing on google places-
Google places is a best place to list your business for local impact. Just go to if you do not already have a google account then create your account and list your business with your contact numbers and business description, don't forget to put keywords on the description...

List your brand or business to Yahoo-
Hey friends maximum people like Yahoo as their search engine, just go to and list your business, one thing that should be known is all the search engine shows local listing first in search results, so never forget to list your business in local places...

List your business to local search search sites-
There is many local search sites where you can list your business for local impact. Some of them are,,, and

Advertise on yellowpages & craigslist-
Hey guys yellopages and Craigslist are best places to advertise your brand for free. All you have to do just go to these sites and list your business with appropriate keywords and your contact no.

Take advantage of social media-
Social media is on of the powerful tool to advertise your brand locally and internationally. Just create your pages on Facebook/twitter/MySpace/LinkedIn..
Keep in mind that the profiles on these pages should be of your business not your personal. Just fill up all the information about your business and keep updated your pages on regular basis..

Create a blog-
Blog is very good place to tell the people about your business. In the blog you can tell more and more about your business to the people. In the blog you should include the list of your business or brand with contact and map information, so that people can easily take an advantage of your business..

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